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Specialist Diecutters Ltd offer a wide, varied and comprehensive range of adhesive tape and packaging products applicable to all industry types. With over 20 years experience of selling adhesive tapes and packaging into industrial end users, we offer the specialist knowledge and technical back up to assist you in choosing the correct products to match your needs and requirements. We are able to offer a nationwide delivery service on a JIT basis to ensure the correct product arrives at the correct time.

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Packaging Tapes – PP and PVC packaging tapes in Clear/Buff and colours for both hand and machine application. We also offer a full range of tape dispensers, hand, bench mounted and automatic, for use in conjunction with our packaging tapes.

Masking Tapes – General purpose and high temperature. Paper and plastic masking tapes available.

Cloth/Duct Tapes – General purpose tapes for fixing/joining and sealing. Water repellent tapes and tapes offering clean removal for exhibition and media.

Double Sided Tapes – Thin bonding of diverse range of materials. Bonding of low surface energy plastics. Product mounting and display.

Double Sided Foam Tapes and Pads – Very high bond tapes for internal and external applications. These tapes offer structural bond strengths and are used where bonding parameters are critical.  Point of Sale/Exhibition/Mounting and Joining.

Single Sided Foam Tapes and Pads – Insulation/Sealing/jointing/Protection.

Foil and Airtightness Tapes – HVAC/Insulation/Sealing/Construction.

Protection Tapes – Surface protection tapes for the automotive, glass and glazing, plastics industries and many other industrial applications. Offering surface protection/UV protection and clean removal.

Electrical Tapes – From GP pvc electrical tapes through EMI/RFI shielding and other technical applications.

Filament Tapes – Single and Crossweave – Heavy duty packaging and strapping applications. Floor Marking Tapes – Permanent and temporary marking of warehouse floors, gymnasium floors etc.

Anti Slip Tapes – Offered in various widths to give an enhanced surface grip underfoot. Stair edges/fire escapes etc.


Stretch Wrap – Hand rolls  available in various widths and thicknesses. Flush core and extended core. Machine film both standard and power pre stretch.

Strapping – PP and Polyester Strap available for hand and machine application. Seals and tooling.

Pallet Hoods and Shrink Hoods.

Polythene Bags – Standard and food grade LDPE bags.

Grip Seal Bags – Wide range of sizes available in std and hd.

Shrink Films – manufactured to your particular needs and specification.

Single Wound and Multi Fold Polythene Sheeting.

Bubble Wrap – small and large bubble available in full rolls or slit. Anti static bubble.

Foam – Available in roll form or sheets.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes – Manufactured to your specification.

Kraft Paper and Corrugated Paper Rolls.

Edgeboards – Large range of lengths and thicknesses available.
Padded Postal Envelopes – Shock resistant and durable.

Padded Postal Envelopes – Shock resistant and durable.

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