Multi die applications with in line registration of tolls allow tolerances of +/- 0.1mm (depending on material) to be maintained consistently within the manufacturing process. This type of cutting is reserved for high volume demanding products. Specialist Diecutters have developed additional process to measure the accuracy of the product while it is being manufactured.


Single die, multi cavity dies allow accurate cutting of parts, supplied individually or on a sheet format. This type of cutting is normally reserved for larger parts or for prototyping new or existing products and materials.

Slit Rewinding

This process allows the slitting of logs of material while unwinding the roll and then rewinding the slit widths onto smaller cores to the specified width.

Log Slitting

This process allows a log of material to be slitting at high speed one width at a time. This highly accurate method is often used as it offers a quick turnaround on materials. The result is material cut exactly to your required width with the minimum of waste and reduced minimum order quantities.

Laser samples

We can now offer laser cut samples straight from a cad file to the cutting table.


We can laminate multiple types of materials, paper, polyester, foil and adhesive together accurately in multiple formats to meet your requirements. In additional we use silicone and non-silicone liners to allow easy release and application of these products.


We will supply all products in a roll format for manual or automatic part placement or we can also supply die cut parts in a sheet or single part format.

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