Healthcare Market


We specialise in the conversion of medical fabrics and wipes for pharmaceutical customers in the medical and healthcare space. We have developed reliable processes which allows us to die cut and slit medical fabrics consistently where stretch is an issue.

Overtime we have invested in specialized equipment to relax, inspect, rewind and re-roll without tension materials that do not easily lend themselves to such applications.
We have established relationships with suppliers in the Far East with reliable supply chains and material quality built up over several years and this has now extended into the PPE market.

  • Stick to skin
  • Double coated tapes & transfer adhesives
  • Single coated plastic tapes
  • Liners, paper or plastic
  • Foam Tapes
  • Woven and non-woven tapes
  • Medical Fasteners
  • Diagnostic Test strips
  • Surgical drapes
  • Medical Devices
  • Medical fabrics
  • Wound care

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