Ident converting presses’, modular design allowing full interchangeability of die units, pull stations and lamination units of the same web width. Each of our Ident converting presses provides a cost effective tooling solution combined with quick changeovers for a huge range of applications.


Presses from 6 – 30t with auto feed and lamination designed for large die cut parts manufactured to exacting tolerances. These large presses have a wide bed area and are PLC controlled from programmable operation.

Log Slitting

A large diameter heavy duty slitting machine suitable for slitting logs of, foam, rubber, vinyl, EPT foam, Pressure sensitive tapes, woven & non-woven tapes, polyesters, polyurethane tapes and many more. This particular slitter comes with a full touch screen and is PLC controlled allowing programmable control of any operation ensuring an exacting cut width every time.

Slit Rewinder

This is a process is where a large roll of material is unwound and run through the machine, passing through circular blades, before being rewound on one or more shafts to form narrower rolls of varying lengths.


In addition we operate a series of small “Clicker” presses used for prototyping and research.

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