Design and development

A key strength lies in our ability to design. We are unique in that not only do we design die cut parts but we also design the tools that manufacture such products. This is an enormous advantage in terms of cost and time, allowing our customers to see the results of any new ideas or options that they may have realised in a 2D drawing that can be presented to them in a very short time frame.

Early supplier involvement

ESI is a critical part of any project and we happily supply both alternative idea’s and sample parts for our customers to test. We recognise this as a key strength within our company and as such this particular aspect of our work gets high priority. We are able to design and recommend materials to meet any application in a very short time frame.

Material selection

In selecting Specialist Diecutters as your partner, you are accessing 20 years of Knowledge within the die cutting, tape and injection moulding industry. This experience allows us not only to understand the best die cut solution but also to understand how our customer manufactures their product. This is a key advantage when it comes to the correct material and design selection.

Problem solving

We have project engineers on the ground available to support our customers and visit them on a regular basis to discuss existing applications and advise them on design and material selection as part of an ESI program. We also recruit engineering and technical expertise on an ongoing basis in Ireland and this has in the past proven extremely popular with our customer base.

Product testing

The testing of new or alternative materials for design and cost reasons is a service we offer to all our customers on an ongoing basis. We provide all of the dimension reports for the design along with MSDS as required.

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